Oskar Blue’s Deviant Dale’s


Oskar Blues






The Vitals:

  • ABV: 8%
  • Availability: First time I have ever found it, but it was available at the beer store in a 4 pack of tall-boys!
  • Price: $$$/$$$$
  • Cook’s Score: 4/5
  • Suggestion: Definitely a very good beer, grab one if you can find it.

Looking through my archive, I came upon this unpublished review!  I had totally forgotten about this one, but reading through makes me really want some Oskar Blues.  While this wasn’t one of my all-time favorites, the more I think about it, the more I really dig the tall-boy style for sitting on the deck in the summer.  Maybe Oskar Blues will sponsor my buddy’s bachelor party that’s coming up this month, what do you think?

The Smell: The characteristic piney-citrus wafts toward your greedy nostrils, but not so much as to offend, nor entice.

The Look: Solid and beautiful. Great lacing as you drink as well, the trademark of a good beer.

The Taste: Actually a creamy, wonderful IPA. Not too bitter at first, as this IPA is balanced well with a malty backbone.

The Linger: Intense. The bitterness holds on long and strong. In my opinion, too long. This is the first turn off for this beer.

The Return: While I like the beer, and want to have more, I am not drawn back by any particular trait. Of course I will take another drink, but order another one? Not quite sure on that one.

All said and done, I was not as impressed with this Deviant as with Dale’s original. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good beer, but I don’t feel that it stands out from just about any other IPA. It was not over the top hoppy and didn’t jolt my sense of smell. Couple that with the availability as a 4-pack, a slightly higher price point, a higher ABV, and it doesn’t make for an outstandingly repeatable drinking session. Great to have one, but I don’t think I would deviate from the Pale Ale to grab this IPA.


Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye






The Vitals

  • ABV: 6.6%
  • Availability: seasonal, bottles
  • Price: $$/$$$$
  • Cook’s Score: 4/5
  • Suggestion: Change of pace in the IPA world, live a little

I have been curbing my drinking a bit in the month of February.  Well, that and the selection at the supermarkets is rather repetitive.  That’s not a terrible thing, because they do carry some great beer, but I have my favorites, and in these cold winter months, I want my favorite stuff on hand.  But, I like a change every once in a while from my trusty stalwart’s of thirst quenching, and Sierra’s seasonal is great way to mix it up.

The Look: Golden bronze, with a very noticeable cream head

The Smell: Brewery fresh, the rye stands out strongly in comparison to the plain ol’ barley drinks

The Taste: Just a little bite that you would expect from an IPA, but the rye complexity stands on its own here.  Substantial beer, perfect for the thaw, or another foot of snow

The Linger: I like when my beer doesn’t just disappear down my gullet, but an aftertaste that hangs out too long sours.  Ruthless is effective in satisfying without overstaying its welcome.

The Return: Happily the RyePA stands up strong as it warms a bit, with every pull, I am satiated.

Rye isn’t on everyone’s list of drinks, personally, I love a rye whiskey, so the rye beer makes sense.  I know some people get turned off a bit by the flavor, I think mostly because it is so different.  My best drinking buddy, my wife, really doesn’t prefer it.  I think it is a great seasonal choice, and highly recommend picking up a 6 and deciding for yourself.  But trust me, it’s a ruthlessly good beer.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA


90 Minute





The Vitals

  • ABV: 9%
  • Availability: year round, 4-packs
  • Price: $$$$/$$$$
  • Cook’s Score: 6/5
  • Suggestion: Truly the best year-round in America.

Having been sharing my thoughts on beer for over a year, I can’t believe I haven’t gotten to some of my favorites yet. Sure I have hit a few of my all-time favorites, notably Dale’s, 60 Minute and Nugget Nectar, and a few new staples, like Hoppyum and Southern Pale Ale, but I need to drink more of the classics. 90 Minute is my treat beer. It is one of the ones I turn to when I really want to celebrate and savor. I treat myself to this beer when I really deserve an award, for my tastes, DFH 90 has it all where it counts.

The Look: 90 Min looks like it belongs in a textbook as an example of beauty. A deep burnt amber color that stands in stark comparison to the luxe foamy head.

The Smell: Slightly sweet, with a hinting of the complexity from the hops. This is where you start to notice the difference from other drinks. The smell alone is intoxicatingly desirous.

The Taste: Winning. It tastes like I just won something, maybe that is because I always drink it to celebrate or relax, but damn, so good. The intermingling of the strong roast and the constant dry hopping bring so many layers that I feel like I gain a new appreciation every sip.

The Linger: The dance continues even as the elixir clears my palate. The sweet malt backbone stands up to the rich bitter and makes this a beer anyone can love.

The Return: While the 4-pack goes too quickly, I always try to keep more on hand. You never know when you will have a reason to celebrate.

This beer isn’t just for the beer lover, it is truly a wonderful beverage. It manages to pull together just about everything good in beer in one bottle. I love it when I come home and my wife has gifted me with some of this drink, it usually means I have done something awesome, or she just remembered how much she loves me.