Mr. Cook’s Classroom

Thank you for visiting the home of the Life Generator.  This project was created as an extension of an assignment created by Dr. Tracy Ore at St. Cloud State University.  The Life Generator is a JavaScript program I created to randomly generate lives for students to “live” in order to gain an appreciation of budgeting in real life.

The assignment was to create a family budget to deal with life and expenses for a full year.  I wanted to add some reality to the project, so instead of assigning families, I created a random generator to give each student a unique family.  The statistical distributions were determined by the most recent Census data I could obtain.  The Generator assigns Marital Status, Education, Income, Residence, and number (and age) of Children.

The Event Generator randomly selects from more than 50 different events that might happen in someone’s life.  They are all as realistic as possible.

Available on this site are all of the physical downloads of the project and some budget worksheets, the Life Generator, and the Event Generator.

Please contact me if you have any issues, concerns, or want to contribute a resource.

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